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WELCOME TO THE Zimtorque e-Mobility

We appreciate you taking the time today to visit our web site. Our goal is to give you an interactive tour of our new and used inventory, as well as allow you to conveniently get a quote. The search for a hybrid or electric car is filled with high expectations. Undoubtedly, that has a lot to do with the vehicles you are considering, but at Zimtorque e-Mobility, we think you should also have pretty high expectations for your dealership.

Zimtorque Auto has been importing and selling Hybrid and Electric since 2018

We have imported vehicles such as Toyota, Honda, BMW and Nissan.

Zimtorque Auto has partnered with Peugeot Motor-line United Kingdom to bring back the French manufacturer back to Zimbabwe as an electric vehicle starting from June.

On our vehicles we are also offering smart interactive charging stations through solar renewable energy to avoid straining the hydro-electric power offered in Zimbabwe.

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